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Faisal Movers provide transportation and logistics services all over Pakistan with a track record of outstanding comfort, security and responsibility, playing a vital role in economic growth of country.

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How do I book a ticket?

You can reserve your seats by calling UAN: 111-224488 or MOB: 03111224488.
Can also done your seats online at visit,
Or click on live agent option for further procedding

What are the payment options?

Advance reserved ticket by phone call can be purchased before departure as per its mentioned time, Furthermore the online payment thorugh Bookkaru will decduct on spot when you confirmed your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

Dear Customer, If you buy your tickets at the counter, you need to go back to the same counter before your departure date, or specificed time to handle any refunds or exchanges. If you bought your tickets online through Bookkaru, you can call this number or email address for help with refunds or exchanges
03111999560/ Bookkaru
Most of the information you need about refunds and exchanges is printed on the back of your ticket.

What are your luggage restictions?

One person traveling on a single ticket can bring 20kg of luggage. The weight and size of your luggage will be counted. Any luggage that is over the weight or size limit will need to be booked and paid for. For info related Cargo can also dial the KCS Cargo service UAN number:03111-224466

What are the onboard amenities you offer?

Comfortable seating: We offer amazing fleets, seats are well-padded and have plenty of legroom. We offer different classes of seating, such as Executive, Executive Plus, Business, Sleeper Class,(bed seats) First Class Business, Premium Gold, Super Premium Plus Class.
Onboard entertainment: passengers can entertained with a variety of onboard entertainment options. include movies, TV shows, music and even games, also avail of Wi-Fi feature that can stay connected to the internet.

How can I check the availability of seats?

You can call at our specificed cities contacts for the desired info about to seats availability.
Faisal Movers UAN:111-224488 MOB:03111-224488

Can I book a group ticket?

Special Booking Service
We offer booking services at highly competitive rates to suit your budget.
Travel anywhere in Pakistan and enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable journey with us.
Our services include:
Booking services throughout Pakistan
Bookings tailored to your budget
Very affordable charges
How can you contact us?
Phone number:03111-224488 Press 8 to talk with the Special Booking agent

What documents do I need to bring for reservation?

To purchase tickets, have to provide passenger information, including their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and contact number. If the passenger's CNIC is unavailable, a family member's CNIC can be used instead.

What are your policies on pets and animals?

Pet and animal cargo is permitted at customer's own risk. The company disclaims all liability for any related issues.

Where can i find ticket discount offer info?

Bookkaru offers exclusive discounts to our valueable passengers , also by stay in touch with our Official Social Media sources (Facebook, Instagram) or website.

Where can i find the terminal contact?

Reserve your seats in major cities through our dedicated reservation line at (UAN 111-224488 MOB: 03111-224488). Our friendly representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or information you may need regarding your desired route and travel preferences.